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Satyameva Jayate - you should watch it

I rarely blog about TV shows. Not that I am too great to watch any of them. I watch quite a lot of TV. But I know too well that most of the shows are just a tool to kill the time. But today I feel the need to share my feelings about this show.

Satyameva Jayate aired in Star World at 11 am on Sunday is a show by Amir Khan about social issues. And today's topic was female foeticide. This curse has no regional, communal or economical barriers. It is spread all over the country, in all states, in urban and rural areas. Mr. Khan interviewed three ladies. One of them was forced to have an abortion 8 times because she was carrying a girl foetus. Another one took courage and retained her girl child, but was bitten by her husband all over the face like an animal.  And the third lady was a doctor herself, married to an orthopaedician. She gave birth to twin daughters against the wish of her husband and in laws. Her mother in law who herself was a retired principal kicked the cradle carrying the baby down the stairs. Luckily the baby girl was braced and survived.

Amir Khan also interviewed two journalists who conducted a sting operation in Rajasthan against the doctors who help in not having daughters. These two journos have to attend different court cases spread all over the state and the doctors who conduct female foeticide are till today scotfree and they are thriving.

And the repercussions are already visible in states like Rajasthan where a group of young men are asking Amir, what are they supposed to do, they have crossed 35 and they do not have any hope of finding brides.

And here is the best part. This practice was started in 70s in government hospitals. Nurses and midwives would convince would be parents to abort girl children thinking that will help in controlling the population growth!!

Somehow I was not able to post a solution in their website. Here is my solution. I would not want a daughter if I have to be worried the moment she steps out of the house. I will  not even dream of sending her outside the house after 7 pm once she reaches the age of 11. I will have to keep saving enough money for her marriage, her jewellery, her dowry. And even after she is married I will have to cry with her when she shares her woes about ill treatment of her husband or in laws, instead of telling her "come you can live with us. You are not a burden to us". I do not want society to treat her badly because she is separated from her husband. These are the some of the reasons a girl child is not wanted. If you make life easier for girls, if you create a society which is safe for women at all times, a society where a girl will not have to carry money or gold to get married, then people would not think of killing daughters.


  1. My frequencies are matching your's! I too have not written a single post on any of the TV shows but I did write about this one. Satyamev Jayate is one of those rare television shows that knows well to play the chords of citizns of India, and Amir Khan you bet!


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