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I am a VIP !!!

You think that I am a nobody. But do you know that I have joined the elite group to which Pranab da - the respected president, Arun Jaitley leader of opposition party etc. belong to. Yes, I belong to this group. Because I think our phone is tapped.

By now, everyone thinks I am a paranoid bordering lunatic, who thinks people spoil  my computer, they stop me from accessing certain files etc. And I was on the verge of believing it too. See, I am a nobody, with absolute non-existance and no importance. Who will get anything from hacking into my laptop.

But real strange things would happen. My android projects would suddenly stop executing in the middle. No, not because of bugs, I am not as dumb as you think. Then certain websites which I visit frequently would not open in my lap top. And then the crashing of OSs. If I disable guest user, who can login without a password, the screen would not come up. If I remove a user with name as 'nobody' there will be problem with the system. I am the sole user of my laptop and did I really create a user called nobody and forget about it?

Now the latest in the series was telephone. Since 4 months or so there was a lot of disturbance in the landline phone. We just ignored it. But since last week or so, there was a large noise like gossssss whenever we try to talk using this phone. 

I tried contacting the BSNL office in our area. He gave me another number. The person in that number gave me a third number and so on. Finally I was given an automated complaint booking number. This could redirect me further. But the automated machine was not booking the complaint, instead the line would disconnect after collecting all information. It happened so many times. 

Then in the evening around 8 I was able to book the complaint. That was 3 days back. Today there was a call from BSNL asking what is the problem. When I explained the noise, the gruffy voiced  person at the other end told me, there must be another phone in our house and somebody must have lifted that phone. I had some difficulty convincing him that we have no other phone.

After some time another person called and told they have fixed the phone. He told that time, there was a confusion, some one from BSNL was testing while the call was going on. 

No, but the line is not fixed. Again the noise is present. So now the question arises, if the noise is because of someone listening into our phone, who is that someone or nobody (our broadband is also BSNL). 

I hope whoever that person has collected sufficient and critically important data. Like my plants are flowering or not flowering. How my son yelled at me for waking me up or how my neighbor hired some workers to remove all the plants in front of our house etc.

I might go into history as only person who is a nobody and not a spy and not in government , but still whose phone is tapped and whose computer is hacked. Or is so messed up that I am imagining all these events.


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