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I was surprised to hear a leader of certain party tell the news anchor that Hindus will not support Modi if he does not work on issues like uniform civil code, ram janmabhoomi etc.

Once upon a time there used to be a certain religious leader in Delhi who would dictate his people to vote for such and such party. Well I have heard it that way. Is this leader in similar role? Is he the spokesperson of Hindus? What is his definition of Hindu?

I think I am Hindu. I remember filling in my religion as Hindu in some forms in school and college times. And in our not very small house, we have a tiny room where we have kept idols of Hindu gods. And, in the middle of night, if I am scared or I just can not get sleep, the chantings I utter in half sleep must be Hindu ones. So are these sufficient to call me as Hindu? Because I do not want any leader to work on the above mentioned issues.

The janmabhoomi issue for which so much noise has been made is not significant for me. For god's sake,  I live in Bangalore. I enter a road, I see a temple. I take the next galli, there is one more temple. It is like Mandiruru instead of Bengaluru. If any one has shortage of temples, they can borrow some from here.  So one more temple or not in some other town does not bother me at all.

And uniform civil code. What I hear from strong supporters of bhajapa (I have too many in my own family), is that muslim men marry 3 or 4 times and have too many kids. So one day they outnumber us. I am not worried as long as my spouse does not bring me a southen . If these men have many wives, it is their head ache. Their mistake, they suffer.

In fact I want our leader to resolve some issue which are relevant to me. I want him to provide bijalee, sadak and panee to all the citizens. That includes me. I am sick and tired of standing next to the water tap and singing "Gangambike devi, baremma manege". 

I want to be able to ride in my two wheeler without breaking any bones. See, I have learnt little bit of riding, but I am not in circus. I want my spouse and son to be able to ride on the roads safely and still reach their office/college on time.

I want electricity in our homes instead of excuses like they are cutting tree branches, they are repairing some line etc.

Normally I do not go out of the house in the evenings, but when I do I want to feel safe. If my husband/son go out in the evenings, I do not want to sit next to the phone till they come back.

Are these things non-Hindu? Asking for these, instead of uniform civil code makes me a non-Hindu?

Are you a Hindu? What do you want your leaders to work on?


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