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I voted!!

When ever we used to fight about politics, my husband would say, when you don't vote, you do not have a right to talk about politics and politicians. (But of late he has stopped saying it (a) he has recognized my fundamental right to speak or (b) he is too concerned and worried about you know who may not win to bother about my blabbering.

I am slightly ashamed to say that in all my 49 years, I have voted only thrice. Last time I voted was in 2004 I think. And I had voted for BJP.

Yes, you had voted for BJP. Because BJP had Vajapayee, one leader I had respect.

I stopped voting after that
Because I did not have any party which was good, which cared for people, not just for kursi (power). Which talked about development, instead of personal matters of other candidates. And most importantly which was honest.

And remember there was no option NOTA (none of the above) that time.

So I did not vote all these years.

 This year

But this year, NOTA option is present. And more importantly there is AAP. No matter how much other political parties condemn it, no matter how much media persons ridicule it, it has given us a hope, a dream. A dream that, there is still some future of Indian political system. That we can still expect good governance and development from political parties.

So I went to the polling booth with my family.

Voting Day

And like any other work I undertake, there were obstacles. Did I forget to mutter shlokas of Vighna nashaka Vinayaka? :) First son's voting slip was not available. He has registered but not yet got his voter ID. Once that found, we stood in a queue.

Queue was not serpentine. But school which was our polling station was filled with people. Looking at people, I thought Bangalore voting % might be quite high this time. And I was slightly feeling upset that all these people are here for you know who. But again I was wrong, a lady in front of me, was pointing at funny election symbol and I told I will vote for broom and she told she will also vote for AAP and she hopes that it will win. First time, I had seen one person in real life (as opposite to TVs) who supported AAP. I was exhilarated - whatever that means.

But once inside the booth, the election staff, told me that my EPIC number is not matching what she has against my name and do I have any other ID proof. I had not even taken my purse. So no ID proof. SHE DID NOT LET ME VOTE.

So old Usha might have come home, sulking, and shouting and blaming every one for not even letting her vote. But see, this is new person. I came home walking. The booth is hardly 10 minutes walk from home. And carried my passport and aadhar card and went back to polling station and stood in the queue. And patiently waited for my turn. Once inside the booth, the lady took my passport and announced my name. One of the party representatives (I think they are political party representatives) sitting in the booth objected saying I had come earlier. Again I calmly but firmly told I had come but could not vote. So I have come again with ID proof. A man took my signature, a lady put ink on my thumb and I went to EVM. And I pressed the button for local AAP candidate.

Proud Moment

Coming out, for the first time I felt proud. I am doing something for the party I admire. And in some indirect way I am doing something for my country.

10000 people were present for AAP party's launch in New Delhi


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