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So I was visiting a local mall near my house. I was tired, my legs were hurting and I was light headed. I had had my breakfast and I also had two idlis in the foodcourt of the said mall. Will any house wife have snacks in a mall - that too all alone? What will the neighbors people say? But on this one occasion, I did not care. As I mentioned I was feeling lightheaded.

Once upon a time, when I was thin and very very young, I had fallen down losing my consciousness. Since then light headedness means I will have to eat some thing. I forget the fact that now I carry enough fat in my body  for 2 winters. And even if I starve for a week, the fat will not be burnt up.

There was a large collection of items which were on half price. Among them were tea light candles which were slightly shapeless. I considered buying them. But Diwali is quite far ahead. By then I will keep these candles some where in the top shelf which I can reach only using a stool. So ultimately I will forget about them and like so many other things they will be collecting dust there. Malls will have at least annual clearance and hence clearance sale. But not me. So these candles will be there in top shelf, Until one of my grand children, many many years later will discover them, and wonder what this strange dusty items are.

Tired and hungry or thirsty, I was still browsing. A friendly sales girl might have recognized me. As the only fifty plus lady who still buys chocolates, chips and ice creams. She asked me there were offers on ice creams. Will I be interested. Of course, I am interested. She took me and showed me different one liter boxes of ice creams. Told me that all ice creams have 60 rupees discount. She told that this one is 220 and after 60 rupees discount, it will be 160. This other one is chocolate flavor and is 300 and after 60 rupees, discount, it will be 240 and so on. I learned subtraction - or rather how to subtract a 3 digit number from 60. OK, ok, I selected one ice cream and went again to the first floor. Why?
Because my bags were in the baggage counter in first floor. I bought few more items and came to cash counter. The clerk over there was not sure about the price of a steel vessel which was in half price sale. So she went in search of its price. Another lady started billing the items. Which is when I realized ice cream was not there. The little child inside me started crying. I consoled it "You can drink  warm water when we reach home. As much as you want". But being adamant it started asking why can't we get out of this mall and go to some other shop for ice cream. But now my legs snarled. Do you really expect me to carry all 70 kgs of you for some more time to some other shop to feed you ice cream, so that you can become heavier.  I will quit. Really. Inner Child mumbled I am not fat. You are fat.

So bills paid, I came out of the mall and paid parking fees and came to the road in my scooter. To join kilometer long traffic in the road. Only to take a U turn. At last I reached home and drank gallons of warm water. But where are the dupattas I had bought? The ones which were in the baggage counter? I have left them behind.

This one time, I did not think it was some kind of plot by these people. Because it was my own absent mindedness or in plain talk - stupidity. Ate the chocolate and chips and then I went back to traffic signal - this time slightly shorter, then to mall, brought the bags, paid parking fees and again traffic signal, u turn and then home.

Why do I go to malls? I who do not like to be around people. Why don't I use e-shopping as every one else is doing? Because few days ago, I ordered few clothes online and I just got message from sellers that they were unable to deliver the items. They will try again tomorrow. What happened? Your vehicle broke? You could not see my house? Or did I not open the door? Don't know what happened. I did not get any calls from delivery boys asking the house address, nor did I get a message from sellers saying that item will arrive on that day.

I  thought there are some problems with my phone and moved the sim to another phone. Still no use.

Hence I decided I will get out of comfort zone and plunge into action. With the above said results. 


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