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Unique uses of smart phone

My internet is still not fixed. The technicians came and went.

OK. Let me come out of me-land and talk of essential apps and their usabilities.

Since many years I have been using an app called podcastaddict. Good thing about this app is you download the podcasts and listen to them offline. Not for any knowledge or entertainment, but as a sleeping pill. Listen to some one talking monotonously on any topic and within 10 minutes, you are asleep.

But how often do you listen to the same episodes? I do know a few limited number of podcasts which are worth listening to (worth falling asleep to).  After a while, you would have listened to all episodes of most of your podcasts. Listening to the same thing again and again? Don't we have TV channels for that?

Youtube in that way is more versatile. It has so many different categories of videos - the ones which are extremely soporific philosophical . The one channel I found interesting is called "The school of life". It has videos on  topics which range from literature to science to psychology to any thing you name it. So you can find a new video each and every day. But the downside of youtube - the lengths of these are less than 10 minutes. No, not asleep yet. So you search for next video and play it. This may go on for a while.

And another big drawback is youtube will not play in the background. Because people (other than me) want to watch it, not listen to it. And there is a bright light!

So I need to find some thing else interesting enough, but dull enough to put me to sleep.

And when we are talking about popular apps, we need to talk about pinterest. It has a unique way of making you smile - post or a pin tells you to drink something - (magic potion!) to get flat stomach in a week or reduce 10 kilos in a week. Dear pinster(!), if it were so easy, you would have been a billionaire by now!

And another pin tells you about 100 things to do reduce your anger, anxiety or stress. But the idea that I have to read these100 things make me angry and stressed. :)

I forgot to mention earlier. If you do not use your smart phone to listen to songs, you are utterly uncool. And by songs, I do not mean listening to FM radio using phone. Listening to actual songs either downloaded, or streamed from an app. And in this category, I love soundcloud. It does not bother me with mindless popups or notifications. And I get very very large number of Indian songs, both old hindi film songs and hindustani classical music. And I can search the song which is being hummed by my mind and listen to it.


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